‘Pumped’ for game week

There’s a special buzz around Virginia Mason Athletic Center this morning, and it’s obvious where that’s originating from.

Game week is here.

Following 11 days of repetitive camp life, the Seahawks are finally transitioning into game preparation time, starting with today’s “Competition Wednesday” practice and leading into “No Turnover Thursday,” “No Repeat Friday” and eventually the matchup against Tennessee on Saturday night. The meetings and practices will move out of camp mentality and into a game prep approach, with kickoff of the preseason opener now only about three days away.

And in this cause-and-effect world, with a game closing in, the excitement is rising up.

“The mode shifts a little bit — we’re preparing you for your game readiness,” Coach Pete Carroll told his team on Tuesday night. “I’m pumped because we’re going into this game week mode.”

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