A feat of feasting

Training camp can best be classified as a grind for all involved.

Perhaps nobody more so than the team chefs.

Preparing three meals a day for 80 players and nearly 200 team staff members, the crew of 15 food service staffers during camp face long days as they diligently work to feed the Seahawks during the most demanding time of the year.

Need numbers to back up their grueling work? In the three weeks of Bing Training Camp this year, the team’s food service staff will have made an estimated 12,950 meals.

“We’re enduring,” said executive chef Mac McNabb, who arrives to work before 4 a.m. and doesn’t leave until 6 p.m., after dinner is served. That’s roughly a 100-hour work week for McNabb during camp.

They’re not only enduring. They’re excelling, too. Players, coaches and staffers rave about the gourmet hot meals created each day, along with the permanently reliable fresh salad bar, sandwich station and snack area that are always available. Then there’s a made-to-order omelette station at breakfast and a pasta bar at dinner. It’s a constant cornucopia of culinary contentment at Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

“It’s great because there’s so much variety and it’s such good food — steaks, seafood, everything,” wideout Mike Williams said. “They prepare it so well. It’s not bland or the same old two-step like other places.”

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