Internal focus

The Seahawks’ first game of the Pete Carroll era is about 100 hours away, though the team’s attention won’t turn to the Tennessee Titans much today.

Or tomorrow.

Or the next day.

In fact, the Seahawks won’t focus on the Titans all that much leading up to the game, providing yet another fascinating example of Coach Pete Carroll’s preparation plan. The head coach stresses the importance of maximizing the team’s own potential and “focusing the things we can control” instead of getting burdened by external factors. So while the offense and defense will do plenty of scouting and film-watching of Tennessee, the main emphasis all week is on the Seahawks — not the Titans.

“We don’t prepare to play the opponent so much as we prepare to play the game,” Carroll said. “We never want to play to our opponent — whether up or down. We just want to play to our capabilities, and know that being at our best is what we need.”

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