Changing places

It’s all about saving grass at Virginia Mason Athletic Center today.

For the first time this year, the Seahawks will conduct a majority of practice on the seldom-used “Field 3,” the southern-most field at VMAC and one that’s hardly, if ever, utilized during typical practices. Because of the rainy practice on Saturday and 11 practices in the first eight days of Bing Training Camp, the two main fields are in dire need of some recuperation time.

Coaches, heeding the advice of fields/projects coordinator Sean Vanos, have decided to make the transition for the day to give the other fields more time to recover. Vanos, the head groundskeeper, said a rain-soaked practice like Saturday’s is equivalent to the wear and tear experienced over the span of two to three normal workouts, so an extra day of turf healing is much-needed.

The field switch will also allow fans to not only watch from the berm, but also walk along the south side of the field, bringing them even nearer to the practice.

“The fans are going to get a little closer to the action today,” Coach Pete Carroll said.

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