Telling the truth

In the Seahawks’ world, today isn’t just a typical Monday.

With Pete Carroll in charge, it’s “tell the truth” Monday.

Following every game, Carroll has designated the first day of the week to “get us all on the same page with what happened over the weekend.” The proper perspective, understanding and learning — of both the highs and lows from the previous game — will help the team progress forward.

So even while taking in what happened in the past, the focus stays on the onward and upward of the future.

In that case, tonight’s meetings emphasized the truths from Sunday’s mock game at Husky Stadium, as Carroll and his assistants led the players through the positives and negatives from the scrimmage, all in an effort to teach and move forward with confidence.

The pluses from Sunday included a 4.6-yard rushing average on 20 carries, an excellent performance by Charlie Whitehurst (13-for-20 for 140 yards and two touchdowns while standing in for starter Matt Hasselbeck), zero turnovers and only one penalty by the offense.

The negatives? Carroll pointed out that the defense wasn’t as swarming as it had been during practices — there were only two strip attempts in 55 plays on Sunday compared to an average of 45 strip attempts in a normal 60-play practice — and certain aspects of special teams could have been crisper. He also called upon the team to live out its style — great effort, great enthusiasm, play tough and play smart — more and more from that game forward.

“And with that knowledge, we can move on,” Carroll said.

Onward and upward — to the Tennessee Titans on Saturday at Qwest Field.

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