Practice for coaches, too

As important as today’s mock game at Husky Stadium is for the players, it’s equally important for the coaches.

For the first time as a staff, the coaches will be on the headsets together during the scrimmage today, giving them a dry run for what they’ll experience during games this fall. Practicing communication is a vital part of the coaches’ goals for today, with Coach Pete Carroll and the assistants getting a real feel for talking on the field and to the box. It’s all part of ironing out the potential wrinkles of a new staff.

“We get to find out everyone’s personalities on the headsets for the first time,” Carroll said of today’s practice.

Up in the coaches’ box this season will be Jedd Fisch, Art Valero and Dave Canales for the offense and Kris Richard, Rocky Seto and Mike Phair for the defense.

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