Heavy load for equipment staff

Pulling off today’s scrimmage at Husky Stadium is anything but easy for the Seahawks equipment staff.

Head equipment manager Erik Kennedy and his crew of assistants are essentially packing up a circus and moving it to the other side of Lake Washington for this afternoon’s mock game at UW, as almost all the practice gear has to be transported from Virginia Mason Athletic Center to Husky Stadium for the two-hour workout. The move began early this morning, with the equipment staffers filling a 16-foot moving truck with gear — literally everything except the team’s blocking sleds — and traveling to Husky Stadium to unload. They’ve got to return in time to help conduct the walk-thru at 10:45 a.m. and then turn around again for the Seahawks’ one-day practice home.

Then immediately after the scrimmage, they’ll load everything up and drive back to VMAC, where they’ll unload and clean up, including doing all the laundry from the day.

Fortunately for the hard-working equipment staffers, they’ll get a small respite after today, as the team’s next practice isn’t until Tuesday afternoon.

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