Plays of the day: Afternoon edition

Here are the highlights from Thursday afternoon’s practice on Day 6 of Bing Training Camp:

  • Tight end John Carlson had a stellar day, highlighted by a pair of receptions during team period that had the crowd roaring with approval. On one, he toed the back line of the end zone, reached up and snagged a bullet from Matt Hasselbeck, getting his two feet inbounds before falling down out of bounds. Then, with a defender grabbing one hand, he hauled in a lofted pass near the left sideline by pinning it between his arm and torso while falling to the ground.
  • During 7-on-7 drills, Matt Hasselbeck made an amazing throw over the middle to Deion Branch, who made an even better catch by diving and rolling to hold the ball in.
  • Wideout Deon Butler turned in a great catch in team period when he gobbled up a deflected, bobbled pass while falling backwards to the turf.
  • Cornerback Kennard Cox logged a nice diving interception in the flat during team drills.
  • Wideout Kole Heckendorf caught a touchdown pass for the second straight practice.
  • During an early-practice drill, tight end Cameron Morrah made an astounding one-handed catch in the end zone on a ball thrown behind him, as he reached his hand out and the ball stuck to his palm like a magnet.
  • Tailback Julius Jones had a long gain on a run up the middle during 11-on-11 period.

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