Initial break

The Seahawks have reached their first Bing Training Camp break, a 24-hour respite four days into camp.

The break also comes at a neat and tidy time in the schedule, as they’ve completed six practices and have six more before another break, which will then signal the start of their first-ever game week. Following today’s day off, the Seahawks will conduct two-a-days on Thursday and Saturday and one-a-days on Friday and Sunday (an open-to-the-public scrimmage at UW’s Husky Stadium) prior to breaking on Monday. The team will then head into game week No. 1, with the opening preseason game already next Saturday at Qwest Field.

As the Seahawks churn through their training camp schedule, Coach Pete Carroll continues to emphasize his “make the most of every moment” mantra.

“Let’s keep taking this one day at a time, just like we play the game one play at a time,” Carroll said to his team on Tuesday. “Let’s master that and continue to focus on what’s right there in front of us.”

With the preseason opener now just 10 days away, check out how the Bing Training Camp schedule lays out until the first game of the Carroll era (and be sure to register to attend practices here):

Today • Day off; meetings starting at 6 p.m.
Thursday • Practice #7 and #8
Friday • Practice #9
Saturday • Practice #10 and #11
Sunday • Practice #12 (open scrimmage at UW’s Husky Stadium at 1:30 p.m.)
Monday • Day off; meetings starting at 6 p.m.
Tuesday • Practice #13 and #14
Aug. 11 • Practice #15
Aug. 12 • Practice #16
Aug. 13 • Practice #17
Aug. 14 • Preseason game vs. Tennessee at Qwest Field (7 p.m.)

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