Calmed down

It’s an off day from practice, but Bing Training Camp rumbles right along at Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

Coaches received the morning off to catch up on sleep and spend time with their families — though many came into the office to work anyway. They’re now in staff meetings for the rest of the afternoon before the players return for meetings tonight and camp gets back to its usual grind.

VMAC is abuzz in other ways too. The fields maintenance crew is taking advantage of the break from practice by repainting the grass, the equipment staff is using the calm time to restock and ready for next week’s preseason opener and the athletic medicine staff has been conducting treatments and rehab sessions all day.

It’s an oddly quiet mid-camp day at Seahawks headquarters, but have no fear — the camp commotion returns in earnest tonight with a mandatory team dinner at 5 and a team meeting at 6.

Defensive coaches, lead by coordinator Gus Bradley (standing, left) and head coach Pete Carroll (right, seated), go through a staff meeting this afternoon on the first off day of Bing Training Camp.

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