Situational awareness

Like little kids in the backyard, imagining that quintessential down-three, bases-loaded, full-count, two-out scenario in the World Series as they take their swings toward the fences, the coaches are manufacturing situations in practice in an effort to effectively ready their players for games this fall.

Well not only that, but that exercise also makes things a lot more fun.

For example, during Monday afternoon’s practice, the Seahawks reenacted the game-winning drive from Super Bowl XXXVIII — instead of running just another ho-hum two-minute drill. Just like the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers did in 2004, the Seahawks’ offense and defense took the field for the drill tied at 29 with 1:08 on the clock and the ball on the 40. To pound the point home, the team even watched the TV copy of the Patriots’ drive during Monday night’s team meeting, with the players playfully ribbing wideout Deion Branch, who was named MVP of that game.

And it’ll continue on throughout camp. For the two-minute drill in practice today, the Seahawks are set to reenact the final drives from Super Bowl XXXII, during which John Elway drove the Broncos to the 31-24 win over Brett Favre and the Packers.

“We’re going to keep putting ourselves in these situations,” Coach Pete Carroll told his team. “It helps us get better.”

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