‘Groundhog Day’ at ‘Hawks HQ

The most common question you’ll hear during training camp — and the most entertaining one to ask — is a rather a simple one.

What day is it?

With the “Groundhog Day” nature of camp, where everyday feels the same, coaches and players alike struggle with finding the answer to that question. Ask any Seahawks player, and you’re bound to hear a long pause before finally hearing anything along the lines of “August 3,” “a one-a-day,” “Tuesday,” or even “Saturday?”

“The only reason I know it’s Tuesday is because it’s the day before a day off,” cornerback Kelly Jennings said with a laugh. “It definitely feels like ‘Groundhog Day’ sometimes.”

The repetitive, nonstop character of the camp schedule lends to a calendar confusion of sorts. It doesn’t help that there aren’t many, if any, mile markers along the way, such as weekend breaks or games. The days just bleed together, and the only way players, coaches and staffers carry on is by keeping their heads down and simply not worrying about that tough question for this time of the year.

What day is it? A camp day.

“I had no clue when I was a player — absolutely none,” said special teams assistant Jeff Ulbrich, who’s in his first year as a coach after a 10-year playing career. “If I wasn’t constantly writing the date on practice plans now, I wouldn’t know.”

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