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Three practices in to Bing Training Camp, and, besides what’s happened on the field, the talk of VMAC has been the glorious weather.

Cool temperatures and lots of cloud cover have turned a typically hot and painful time of the year into very comfortable conditions for the players. And Coach Pete Carroll is giving all the credit to the staff’s appointed weatherman, assistant offensive line coach Art Valero.

Valero has been in charge of providing weather updates for every practice since the first minicamp back in April, and while he’s been playfully harangued for the rough patches of weather, he’s now being commended for the latest string of pleasant practice conditions.

“Hey Art, you’ve been doing a heck of a job with the weather this camp,” a grinning Carroll said during this morning’s staff meeting. “This is a players’ camp when it comes to weather.”

Valero’s forecast for the remainder of camp has been scribbled on a white board, and it’s about as simple and wishful as it gets. It reads:

Early morning low clouds, burns off to nice

If Valero’s right — and professional forecasts aren’t disagreeing too much at the moment — he’ll have a lot of happy campers, along with more praises from the boss for a job well done.

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