Speed wash

Think you have it tough when it comes to doing laundry?

Imagine doing it for an entire NFL team — and against the clock, too.

The washers and dryers at Virginia Mason Athletic Center run from sunrise to sundown and then some, and they’re humming especially between practices on a two-a-day schedule. The Seahawks’ equipment staff has to turn around all jerseys, shorts, shirts and socks for 80 players in a short window. It creates quite the time crunch, but one they handle nonetheless.

All told, it takes about three hours to do 12-15 loads of laundry in commercial-sized washers and dryers, leaving just enough time for the players to get dressed once again for their second practice of the day.

Seahawks equipment interns do player laundry between today’s two practices, getting it done in time for this afternoon’s workout.

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