Halftime approach

Coach Pete Carroll is painting a picture for his team today.

All in an effort to raise the level of intensity and give them practice for something they’ll experience at least 16 times this fall, he wants his players to see today’s two-a-day as the halves of a football game.

With the morning practice complete, the Seahawks are now in halftime, and the second half — this afternoon’s 4 p.m. workout — is coming up soon. It’s all part of Carroll’s plan to add an extra mental element of preparation to Day 3 of Bing Training Camp, as he wants his players to learn the importance of playing all-out for an entire game — in this case, the two practices on a two-a-day — and not slowing up regardless of the circumstances.

“We’re never going to worry about what happened before, whether we’re way ahead or way behind or tied,” Carroll told his team, even getting the newly installed on-field scoreboard to read “21-6” in favor of the Seahawks at the end of the morning practice. “It doesn’t matter what’s we did in the first half. It’s gone already. We’ve got to move on and come out flying for this second half later today.”

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