Practicing to play

They say that you play like you practice.

So Coach Pete Carroll is flipping that around and asking why not practice like you play?

As he has done for years, Carroll turned up the tunes and riled up the crowd during Saturday morning’s practice, something he will be doing — for a very specific purpose — as much as he can during the next few weeks of Bing Training Camp.

You see, Carroll wants his practices to mirror a game as closely as possible, because it raises the level of competition and best prepares his players for Sundays this fall. So beyond the tenor of play on the field, Carroll is also ensuring some side elements echo a game environment, too.

Carroll has requested to blast some music during the opening part of practice, creating a high-energy, party-like atmosphere — a similar environment that the Seahawks will see at the stadium before games this fall — to get the workout off the ground. Also, Carroll loves having fans attend practice because, as he says, “you’re never going to play a game with nobody watching, so we should approach practice that same way.”

“It’s a performance, and by looking at it that way, we will raise our level of play and truly prepare for games,” Carroll said.

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