And they’re off

In the same exact way he’s started training camp every year for a decade now, Coach Pete Carroll quietly walked to the front of the team meeting room cradling a football, his presence casting a hush over the players.

He paced in front for a few seconds, but it wasn’t before long before he broke the silence.

“Our philosophy of football is simple — it’s all about the ball,” Carroll, wearing his trademark long-sleeved white T-shirt and khaki pants, said to kick off the first team meeting of Bing Training Camp 2010 on Friday night. “It’s all about this football. Winning and losing are directly determined by this right here.”

Carroll then went into his patented introductory address about turnovers, competition, the team’s three rules and more. Though it was basically the same speech he’s given to start every training camp for years now, it still carried a freshness to it, thanks in large part to the effervescent energy Carroll bounced around the room with. All his mantras, slogans and nuggets of wisdom pointed to one thing — helping his players and coaches envision where they desire to take this season.

“As we build this team, and we started a long time ago, it’s real important we paint a picture of where we want to go,” Carroll said to his team.

The 90-minute meeting, which came directly after the conditioning test, also included administrative matters, including information on the hotel, security, schedule, medical issues and even bed check.

But what shined brightest from the gathering was Carroll’s charismatic discourse that filled the room with a noticeable energy.

“This is an enormous opportunity, a golden opportunity for us,” Carroll said during the meeting. “It’s a great challenge we’re taking on to become champions.

“Let’s build on it one day at a time and see how far we can take it.”

Coach Pete Carroll speaks to his players during tonight’s team meeting on reporting day for Bing Training Camp 2010. [Photo by Rod Mar,]

Quarterbacks Matt Hasselbeck (left) and Charlie Whitehurst (right) listen on as Coach Pete Carroll addresses the team. [Photo by Rod Mar,]

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