‘The day before the day before’

Coach Pete Carroll had a seemingly dumb question for his assistants during this morning’s staff meeting.

“Does anybody know what day it is?” he asked, a bewildered look coming across his face.

Quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch, always on the mark, had an immediate reply.

“It’s Thursday, Coach,” Fisch said matter-of-factly.

Carroll, obviously getting at something, wasn’t satisfied with the answer, though. He asked linebackers coach Ken Norton Jr. if he knew what the date was.

“It’s the day before the day before,” Norton said dramatically, pausing for effect between the first and second mentions of “day before.”

The staff erupted in both laughter and excitement, and Carroll issued his pleasure with the response.

“I know you all think it’s Thursday, but it’s really ‘the day before the day before,'” the head coach announced to his staffers. “This is a very precious and exciting day for us.”

So why the excitement and funny nickname for today? Bing Training Camp 2010, the first for Carroll and his staff with the Seahawks, opens with practice in just two days. Thus, “the day before the day before” and its associated energy is buzzing around Virginia Mason Athletic Center on this Thursday.

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