Rank and file

Don Banks of SI.com has released his pre-training camp NFL rankings and there is good news and bad news for the Seahawks.

First, the bad news. Banks lists the Seahawks at No. 24, a mid-20s ranking that he admits is “nowheres-ville” in the NFL.

Now, the good news. Five of the Seahawks’ opponents this season are ranked lower: the Raiders (25), the Bears (26), the Buccaneers (28), the Chiefs (29) and the Rams (32). That accounts for six of the Seahawks’ game because they play the Rams twice. And a sixth opponent – the Broncos – is ranked No. 21.

The Seahawks also have three games against teams in Banks’ Top 10: Saints (2), Chargers (6) and Falcons (9).

Here’s what Banks had to say about the Seahawks: “I’m convinced Pete Carroll will be better than his first two NFL head coaching incarnations, and I’m high on many of the Seahawks personnel moves this offseason (especially in the draft). So why is it I still have them in the mid-20s, which is the same as nowheres-ville in the NFL? Because getting Seattle back to respectability appears to be at least a two-year undertaking.”

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