Hey, he smells familiar

Have you seen the Old Spice commercial or YouTube videos taking Twitter by storm where the hunky dude asks if “your guy” looks and smells like him?  Does he look familiar? Or smell familiar?

Only if you’re a diehard Seahawks fan. The actor in the spot is Isaiah Mustafa, a former wide receiver who went to training camp with the team in 2000. Mustafa played in NFL Europe for the Barcelona Dragons in 1998, catching 31 passes for 283 yards and one touchdown. The Arizona State product also spent time on the practices squads of the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns in 1999.

His decision to try acting turned out to be a wise one. In addition to the Old Spice spots, Mustafa also has appeared in three movies and several TV series. He received two Emmy nominations for his role as Brian Stroud in 2007’s Iguala Palms.

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