Ecstatic about the offseason’s results

At his first team meeting with the Seahawks back in February, Coach Pete Carroll challenged his players to have “the best offseason of their lives.”

Mission accomplished.

Following Wednesday’s minicamp- and offseason-concluding practice, Carroll commended his players for the work they put in on the practice field, in the weight room and in the meeting rooms during the last four months.

“I’m beyond pleased,” Carroll told his players. “We couldn’t win any games yet, but we could’ve practiced as well as possible. And that’s what we did.”

One of Carroll’s main goals of the offseason was for the players to “learn how to practice how we want them to practice,” as he aimed for the Seahawks to adopt the style — great effort, great enthusiasm, great toughness and play smart — he longs for his teams to take hold of.

In the end, the foundation for the season ahead has been laid through the last few months’ preparations and practice, and it’s even more evident because of the premium Carroll places on those pieces.

“Practice is everything to us, it’s where we make us,” Carroll said to his team on Wednesday. “That’s why I’m so excited about where we’re at.

“When we prepare at the highest level, then we can practice at the highest level, and then we can play at the highest level.”

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