Focused on the football

Admittedly, Coach Pete Carroll is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

During Tuesday’s minicamp practice, the offense threw three interceptions in the workout. On one hand, Carroll’s ecstatic that the defense recorded three takeaways, but on the other, he’s disappointed that the offense was reckless with the ball. The turnover glee of the defensive-minded Carroll’ was noticeably tempered by the offense’s relative carelessness during the first workout of this two-day minicamp.

“Our conscience has got to elevate,” Carroll told the players during this morning’s team meeting as the Seahawks reviewed Tuesday’s practice. “We’ve got to do a better job of taking care of the football.”

After all, the philosophy of a Carroll-coached squad is, “it’s all about the ball.” Protecting the football on offense and getting the football on defense are paramount to the team’s success.

“This mentality has to permeate everything we do,” the head coach said. “It’s everything to us. That’s football and it will be that way forever.”

All is not lost on the offense, though. They’ve got a perfect opportunity to right the ship and correct their miscues from yesterday during today’s practice, the last of the offseason.

“You gotta pitch a shutout today,” Carroll challenged the offensive players this morning.

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