Sunny delight

The sun’s out in Seattle, which means a few other things are coming out too.

Namely sunglasses, sunscreen and some smiles.

“Hey guys, how ‘bout it?” Carroll beamed as he slipped on his sunglasses to start this morning’s staff meeting. “I like it!”

A picture-perfect sunny morning is setting the stage for today’s practice, the first in a two-day minicamp. The sky’s brightest star is making a glorious appearance, a rarity in recent weeks, which is leading to many jokes from the staffers.

“Will we know what it looks like when we’re out there?” offensive line coach Alex Gibbs said about the sun.

Assistant offensive line coach Art Valero had a wisecrack of his own.

“Hey Coach, we’ve just got to act like we’ve been there before,” Valero said, borrowing the term coaches use to remind players how to behave when they score a touchdown.

Jokes aside, it’s a beautiful day at Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

“Get your visors and sunscreen ready!” Carroll exclaimed to the coaches at the conclusion of the morning meeting.

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