Vacation with a plan

The coach-sanctioned offseason strength and conditioning program might’ve come to a close today, but the Seahawks aren’t going into their five-week break later this week with no plan at all.

Quite the opposite, actually.

The strength and conditioning coaches sent the players off with a 65-page manual that lays out a day-by-day regimen for players to follow during their month-long vacations. In the time leading up to training camp at the end of July, the players have a plan for four days a week that will follow along with what they’ve been doing at Virginia Mason Athletic Center for the last 14 weeks.

It’s all done “because of how important the next five weeks are to the success of our program,” head strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle said. “They’ve got to be ready to come in and compete for their positions on Day 1 of training camp.”

This morning at Virginia Mason Athletic Center, head strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle goes through the 65-page manual the players will follow during their five-week-long vacations following this week’s minicamp.

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