Carroll’s high jinx carry on

The Pete Carroll-Rob Riggle tomfoolery is living on.

Riggle, who took part in Thursday’s OTA at VMAC and produced some hilarious results, went back and forth with Carroll via Twitter on Saturday as the two discussed the comedian’s professional football career — or lack thereof.

Carroll began the banter with some playful trash talk about Riggle’s practice film, and the two exchanged tweets that eventually led to contract talk. Whether Riggle signs with the Seahawks is still to be announced, but it was an entertaining last few days nonetheless.

If you haven’t seen the video of Riggle’s, um, tryout, click here. And below is the Twitter dialogue between Carroll and Riggle from Saturday:

Pete Carroll: “Yo @RobRiggle, watched your tape & as much as I’d like to report otherwise, it aint getting any better”

Rob Riggle: “@PeteCarroll Come on Coach! Did u see the footwork?”

PC: “@RobRiggle you showed a little quickness but you gotta move that body big fella…it’s hit or be hit… No movement = ‘POW!’”
PC: “@RobRiggle Not to mention one of the players said in reference to your toughness, ‘you wouldn’t hit the water if you fell out of a boat!!’”

RR: “@PeteCarroll …really? ‘…one of the players…’ That’s you & Coach Norton talking. I just signed w/ a semi-pro team, ‘The Omaha Dawgs!’”

PC: “@RobRiggle shoot I was just posturing for what appeared to be a fierce negotiation w/ guaranteed bonuses & complicated option clauses…”
PC: “@RobRiggle I guess we’ll have to revisit negotiations with your agent Seth Rogen… Sound like a plan?”

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