Returning with force

Common sense would suggest that this morning’s workout — the first in 10 days for the Seahawks — would see lackadaisical efforts from the fresh-off-vacation players.

However, they were anything but.

Head strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle gave his stamp of approval for the first workouts following the lengthy mid-offseason break, saying the players “came back, worked hard and were ready to go.”

“The guys understand completely what we’re trying to get done, and they showed it in their hard work today,” Carlisle said. “They’re excited about the opportunity to carry on what they started.”

Carlisle added he “wasn’t surprised at all” that the players returned with such vigor.

“They’ve been motivated all spring to get better,” he said. “They’re enjoying their work and there wasn’t a drop off at all this morning.”

The Seahawks returned from their 10-day vacations with impressive workouts this morning.

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