Change of setting

The weather is wreaking havoc on the Seahawks’ practice routine today.

But they’re learning a key football lesson in the process — how to adjust.

During this morning’s staff meeting, assistant offensive line coach Art Valero, who doubles as the in-house weatherman, revealed his forecast for the day, declaring on the whiteboard in large red letters that there’s “NO chance of sun.” The rainy weather will almost assuredly push the Seahawks from their outdoor grass fields to the indoor practice facility at VMAC.

The location switch will modify some drills during practice, since the team will be crunching down from three outdoor fields to one indoor field. The spacing will become tight when the players are split into positional exercises, but the coaches spent a good portion of their morning staff meeting laying out a detailed plan so they can be ready for the rain-induced scene change.

“It doesn’t change our practice other than we’re condensed a little during individual drills,” Coach Pete Carroll told his players this morning.

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