Cross-sport lessons

Nothing like using current events to teach a lesson.

Current events in sports, to make it even better.

During this morning’s team meeting, Coach Pete Carroll brought up the Lakers-Suns series in the NBA’s Western Conference finals, applying a valuable teachable moment that his team will have to use repeatedly this season.

Following the first two games of the series — both won by the Lakers in dominating fashion — the chatter turned to how big and how mighty the defending champions are. Even the Suns players and coaches started talking that way, Carroll noted.

“Everyone bought into it,” Carroll said. “Even the Lakers believed it — and it looks like they got too sure of themselves and then ended up losing.”

Carroll’s lesson centered on blocking out external babble and maintaining a common mindset.

“We cannot allow those things to be a factor for us,” Carroll told his team this morning. “There’s so much talk out there, but we have to be strong. We have to get really, really focused without letting the outside factors in.”

After making his point, Carroll brought it home by bringing it back to the Western Conference finals.

“It’ll be really cool to see them respond tomorrow night,” Carroll said of the Lakers. “Let’s just watch it and see if we can learn something from how the Lakers play after a game like that. If they’re championship material, they’ll bounce back in a big way.”

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