A noticeable buzz

The clanking and banging of weights has been reverberating through VMAC this morning.

It’s about the only thing that can somewhat drown out the players’ chatter and music.

Energy and enthusiasm continues to be at astronomical heights during spring workouts at Seahawks headquarters, with the players wrapping up Week 10 of their offseason strength and conditioning program today. It’s an excitement and buzz that has become infectious — and quite noticeable.

“You can really see this group coming together as a team,” head strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle said. “They’re working at incredible levels and nobody’s backing off — and they’re going about it with great enthusiasm.”

What’s the reason for the buoyant attitude? Several players cite the freshness of a new staff, while also pointing to the positive results they’re already seeing — both in terms of physical growth and a new encouraging outlook.

“It’s just different; you can sense it,” said fullback Owen Schmitt, who added that he has returned this spring to his highest-ever strength levels. “And we’re having fun, too.”

Back in February, Coach Pete Carroll called his players together for the first time and challenged them to have the “best offseason of their lives.” So far, so good.

“You notice it on the field, during the workouts and in the weight room,” Carlisle said of the head coach’s offseason challenge. “They’re doing everything in their power to see that it’s done.”

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