Three questions with ST coordinator Brian Schneider

Throughout the coming weeks, each assistant coach will answer a trio of rapid-fire questions regarding his position group in light of the two recent minicamps and the additions through the draft. Here’s special teams coordinator Brian Schneider:

What were your initial impressions of kicker Olindo Mare during the mandatory minicamp a few weeks ago?

He was perfect. During the minicamp, he kicked 40 times that we charted and he didn’t miss a kick. When we charted it, his kicks were all right on top of each other, so he’s very accurate and very consistent. I just look forward to getting to know him and getting to work with him more, but he had a really nice camp.

Energy seems to be at such a high during special teams drills in practice. What’s the design behind that?

We’re really excited about this. This is what we wanted to build at the start. We wanted to set a standard with how we’re going to practice and how we’re going to do things and the tempo with how we’re going to operate. I was really happy with that and I think we got started off on the right foot.

Have you started to notice who your key special teams players will be for the coming season?

This is one of the key things we’re trying to figure out pretty early. During this last camp, we had 104 bodies out there and after training camp in August, we have to whittle it down to 53 and then whittle it down to 45 for the first game. We have to have a general sense of everybody, and the faster you can have an idea of what guys’ skill sets are and what they can do, the better for us. You start thinking who your core players will be on punt team, kickoff return and kickoff, and you have to try and build it that way. More than trying to figure out what guys can do, we’re trying to give guys more opportunities, because however it plays out, we have to have guys who are ready to play. I feel like we were really successful and accomplished a lot during that minicamp because it was really our first time to meet. I love the guys in the room and I love the way they work.

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