King-sized compliment

The Seahawks will win the NFC West and advance to the playoffs this season.

Says who? Peter King, who ranks the Seahawks at No. 11 in his pre-preseason poll of the NFL’s 32 teams at today. That’s a good news/bad news tidbit, however.

First, the good news. Writes King in placing the Seahawks at No. 11: “I don’t love the division, so it’s logical to give Turnaround Team of the Year to Pete Carroll and the Seahawks.” I know one thing we will do,” he said to me a month ago.”We will increase competition at every position on the roster.” Charlie Whitehurst, Leon Washington, LenDale White (laugh if you must, but he’ll be a factor because Carroll will know how to press his buttons) and a slew of other role players will see to that. I say Matt Hasselbeck has one more sound year in him, and he’ll have weapons enough to edge the 49ers and Cards for the division.”

King’s Top 10:Green Bay, San Diego, Baltimore, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Miami, New York Jets, Carolina, New York Giants and Dallas.

The Seahawks play four of those teams this season – the Saints in New Orleans and the Chargers, Panthers and Giants at Qwest Field.

The bad news? Of his prognosticating prowess, King writes, “I stink at this.”

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