Three questions with QB coach Jedd Fisch

Throughout the coming weeks, each assistant coach will answer a trio of rapid-fire questions regarding his position group in light of the two recent minicamps and the additions through the draft. Here’s quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch:

What has impressed you the most about Matt Hasselbeck?

His work ethic. He does an amazing job preparing and handling everything we’ve thrown at him. His ability to take what he’s learning and then go on the field and look like he’s done it for 10 years is tremendous. He’s done such a good job with his accuracy as well. He’s a phenomenal passer.

How has Charlie Whitehurst acclimated to life with the Seahawks?

Charlie’s been great in the meeting rooms and great on the practice field. We’ve been so impressed with him. The leap he’s making from his last system to here is awesome. Everything’s brand new and you would never know it. That’s what’s most impressive about both those guys — Charlie coming from a system where nothing’s the same, while Matt at least has some background in it. Charlie has made sure made sure he’s always prepared and his athleticism shows up every day on the field.

What is the competition and relationship like between Matt and Charlie?

They both are experienced in the league, so they’re able to talk to one another in a special way. Charlie was with Philip Rivers and Matt was with Brett Favre awhile back, so the stories and experiences they can share with one another is great. And they have a unique ability to talk with one another between plays. It’s amazing listening to them when I’m standing back there. They can communicate with each other in cool ways because they’re always cheering hard for one another and they do an amazing job of talking about what they see.

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