Three questions with TE coach Pat McPherson

Throughout the coming weeks, each assistant coach will answer a trio of rapid-fire questions regarding his position group in light of the two recent minicamps and the additions through the draft. Here’s tight ends coach Pat McPherson:

What have you seen from John Carlson this offseason?

I saw him really step up and start to take a leadership role, especially as a guy who can make plays for us. I feel there was a really good chemistry between him and the quarterback, which is something we’ll need this year.

Rookie Anthony McCoy seemed to have an impressive camp. What is your initial reaction on his performance?

He had a rough first day but kept getting better. He really studied and really worked hard and we saw a lot of improvement. It was very exciting and very encouraging. Here’s a guy who was a sixth-round pick, but he should have a chance to contribute, so we’re very excited about him.

What did you think of seventh-round draft pick Jameson Konz during the rookie minicamp two weeks ago?

He’s a guy who bounced around positions in college and we’re looking at him as an athlete right now. His body type means that playing the tight end position might be where he has the best shot. He’s got athletic skill, he just needs to be in the same position for longer than a year and get grooved in. He’s had a chance to make a couple of plays and he’s made a few mistakes, but that’s natural for a guy who’s really playing a new position. He’s got a shot — he can run, he can jump and it looks like he can contribute on special teams too.

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