Three questions with WR coach Kippy Brown

Throughout the week, each assistant coach will answer a trio of rapid-fire questions regarding his position group in light of the two recent minicamps and the additions through the draft. Here’s wide receivers coach Kippy Brown:

What has impressed you the most about rookie Golden Tate so far?

He made a lot of plays. When the ball was thrown his way, he made some really nice catches. He showed that he can run with the ball after he catches it. His play-making ability was evident. Until he got confused later in camp, he really played fast. I thought that was good that he came out and just played fast. All in all, I thought he had a really good camp.

What have you seen from Mike Williams in his two minicamps?

Having coached Mike before, I know what Mike is capable of. Mike can be as good as he wants to be. He just has to stay consistent. He looks in as good a shape as I’ve ever seen him. He’s practicing very, very hard and giving great effort. If he’ll continue to do that, he’ll continue to get better. But so far, so good.

Veteran receivers Deion Branch and T.J. Houshmandzadeh were out with injuries during the last minicamp. What do they bring to the team when they’re able to play?

All the other guys look up to the veterans like Deion and Housh because those guys have been on the big stage and they’ve done it. They didn’t come into the league with a silver spoon, so they had to work to get where they are. They know how it’s done. I’m looking forward to them getting out there because I hate seeing them hurt and I’m eager to see them mentor the younger guys. They’ll bring a lot of leadership, and they’re already doing it now. They’re helping the young guys already, but it’ll be nice to get them out there and have some veteran contributors.

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