It takes two

With OTA No. 1 just completed, the Seahawks have been focusing their attention on one number: Two.

As in the two-minute drill.

The team spent a healthy portion of today’s practice in two-minute situational drills, giving the various offensive and defensive units opportunities to gain experience in the high-stakes scenario they’ll see at the end of halves this fall.

In fact, they might be seeing it a lot, as offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates reminded the players that 44 percent of NFL games in 2009 were decided by a touchdown or less. That sets the stage for two-minute drills almost one out of every two games.

So this morning’s meetings and practice centered on the all-important two-minute situation, with Coach Pete Carroll reminding the players that “it all starts with communication.”

“We’ve got to know what’s at stake and what we need to do,” Carroll said during morning meetings. “We’ve got to be mindfully tuned in to out-execute the other guys.”

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