Big numbers in the weight room

The recent talk around Seahawks headquarters has been centering on the incredible improvement taking place in the players’ strength and conditioning.

Want proof? The numbers back it up.

Head strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle and players alike are raving about the development occurring this offseason.

Defensive tackle Brandon Mebane was bench-pressing 255 pounds when Carlisle arrived in February, and the fourth-year pro was putting up 365 pounds this morning — a 41 percent increase in just three months.

“And I felt like I could do more,” Mebane said.

Safety Jamar Adams benched 315 pounds today, a spectacular number for a defensive back, according to Carlisle. And defensive lineman Red Bryant, who was putting up 75 pounds per dumbbell in February, lifted 135 pounds per dumbbell on the incline bench press this morning, a 53 percent jump in three months for the third-year lineman.

“I feel like this has been the best offseason of my career so far,” Bryant said. “I want to keep it going and keep getting better.”

Could Carlisle, the master technician, have expected growth like this?

“You always think so and you always hope for it,” the Seahawks’ first-year strength coach said. “But this is pretty special.”

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