Ocho de Mayo?

It might be Cinco de Mayo, but then there’s the celebration that is the Seahawks’ No. 8 – QB Matt Hasselbeck.

He was on the Jim Rome show Tuesday. You can check the video here. And Hasselbeck also topped the Tuesday edition of Peter King’s Monday Morning QB on SI.com – along with, and because of, new QB Charlie Whitehurst.

The anecdote where Hasselbeck’s daughter, Annabelle, mistakes the bearded, long-haired Whitehurst for Jesus is priceless – and had made the rounds at the team’s facility.

It stems from Whitehurst having dinner with the Hasselbeck family on one of his first nights in Seattle after being acquired in a trade with the San Diego Chargers.

“Daddy,” Annabelle said after they didn’t say grace before the meal, “we didn’t have to say grace because we ate with Jesus.”

Hasselbeck’s retort to King: “I’m thinking he looks more like Barry Gibbs.”

Good stuff, which King is sharing with his national audience. Here’s King’s full report from his draft weekend visit to the Seahawks’ headquarters.

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