Carroll the Rotary Man

Coach Pete Carroll, speaking at the Seattle Rotary Club during its weekly luncheon today, added a new role to his résumé.

Stand-up comedian.

The 675-member philanthropic club is renowned for being the largest one in the world, and it’s the fourth-oldest internationally. But Carroll, ever the competitor, wasn’t satisfied.

“I’m glad we’re No. 1 in size,” a smiling Carroll said to start his speech, “but how do we get to No. 1 in the other category?”

The wisecrack set the tone for the remainder of his 30-minute address at the downtown Westin, as an vivacious Carroll spoke to the Seattle Rotary Club about on a host of topics, and none more so than football, of course.

“We could talk about a lot of things, but don’t you really just want to talk football?” Carroll asked to a chorus of laughter from the Rotarians.

Carroll eventually settled into a more focused tenor, informing the audience of his intentions with the Seahawks.

“We want to do it better than it’s ever been done before — in everything we do, in every direction we go,” Carroll said. “It’s a competitive mindset that drives us in all we do.

“We want to see how far we can take this.”

Coach Pete Carroll speaks at the Seattle Rotary Club luncheon today at the downtown Westin. [Photo by Corky Trewin,]

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