Still Jones-in’

So, was it a shame or ridiculously fitting that the press conference to acknowledge Walter Jones’ retirement on Friday butted heads with the start of the Seahawks’ minicamp? It was both.

It was a shame, because Jones deserved all the attention. But then he got that on Thursday, when his retirement was announced – and honored in a big way on

It was ridiculously fitting, because shortly after Jones’ left everyone laughing in the auditorium at Virginia Mason Athletic Center, the player who was selected in the first round of the NFL draft to replace him – Russell Okung – stepped in at left tackle during the first minicamp practice.

A lot of people said a lot of really nice things about Jones last week, but analyst Rob Rang shared one on his blog at from an anonymous league scout that is worth repeating:

“I compare Jones to Albert Pujols. (Former line coach Howard) Mudd used the comparison to Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. It doesn’t matter. The point is the same. Those guys, they aren’t just good. They aren’t just the best. They’re each so much better than everyone else that it is ridiculous to even mention other players in comparison. If you want to bring up the guys from 20-30 years ago, the Jim Parkers and guys like that, fine. But in today’s game when the speed rusher really came into existence, no one was better than (Jones). He was the standard that, as scouts, we were all looking to find again.”

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