Peak performances

Check out the top plays from Sunday’s practice at Virginia Mason Athletic Center:

  • Defensive end Red Bryant had a standout day, posting several big plays during a scrimmage-like period at the end of the practice. His most stellar highlight came when he batted down a pass in the face of the quarterback, who was back-pedaling away from the rush.
  • During the scrimmage scenario, tailback Justin Forsett turned in a long, slicing rush that set up a short touchdown run on the next play.
  • Near the end of the scrimmage session, Matt Hasselbeck scrambled out of the pocked and completed an impressive 15-yard pass to tight end John Carlson down the right sideline that he followed up with a perfect five-yard strike to Carlson in the end zone. Carlson proceeded to jokingly spike the ball while his offensive teammates celebrated.
  • Quarterback Charlie Whitehurst tossed a pretty ball to tight end John Carlson during 7-on-7 drills.
  • Also during 7-on-7 period, rookie receiver Golden Tate flashed his catch-and-run capabilities when he snagged a short pass, shooed aside the defender and sprung free for a lengthy gain upfield.
  • Wideout Deon Butler recorded an outstanding outstretched grab while diving to his left during 7-on-7 drills.
  • Wideout Mike Williams had a few more noteworthy receptions, adding another big day to his minicamp resume.

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