Minicamp guest blog: Matt Hasselbeck, Day 3

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck will be giving you his perspective throughout this weekend’s minicamp in a daily guest blog. Here’s his third entry as the team enters Day 3 (read his first entry here and second entry here):

I thought Day 2 went really well. John Carlson was a huge part of the offense yesterday. There were a ton of competitive situations yesterday that made practice much livelier and more exciting.

The competition near the end of the practice was awesome. With five plays to go, the defense was up 15-10 in our final team period. Coach Carroll stopped practice and told us that we needed to do something amazing in the last five plays, but the lesson was that we couldn’t do it all at once. We had to play the play that was in front of us at that moment. So we had to come back one play at a time, one step at a time. We had to win on each play, and we did. It was a great job coming back.

Coach said we’d never end practice on a tie, so we had one play, winner take all, and he said the defense got us, but it was a close call. Either way, the lesson was if you are down in a game and you need to come back, you can’t just hit a homerun to come back. You’ve got to do it one play at a time and do the best you can do.

We’re looking at film this morning, and that’s an important part of the learning process for us, especially during these minicamps. There’s so much learning going on during a minicamp. We learn with the coaches in meetings before practice, we learn on the field during practice through our mistakes and then, probably most importantly, we learn by watching the film after practice. Our quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch and offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates are in our meetings critiquing technique, decision-making and accuracy, as well as correcting things that happened on the field.

We’re definitely learning the basics of this offense right now so we can build on it. It’s like learning math or a foreign language — if you get behind it, it’s tough to recover. So we really have to stay on it. That’s also part of the evaluation process — the coaches are seeing how much we can retain and how well guys do with not repeating the same mistake twice.

For this final day, we’re just trying to sharpen things and avoid making the same mistakes. It’s all about finishing on the right note today.

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