Weathering the storm

All week, coaches have been keeping an eye on the weekend weather reports, because the conditions could affect whether the Seahawks practice outside or inside during the three-day minicamp that begins today.

Assistant offensive line coach Art Valero has been tasked with the weatherman duties, and — believe it or not — his latest report is guaranteed to be right.

Valero unveiled his unbeatable, yet lighthearted, forecast for today during this morning’s staff meeting. According to Valero, there’s a 33 percent chance of rain, 33 percent chance of sun and 33 percent chance of clouds for the 1:30 p.m. practice. The remaining one percent is for snow, Valero joked.

“One of those will happen,” Valero proclaimed to the staffers, who were busting up in laughter. “Not ‘if’ — they will.”

While chuckles continued to fill the room, Coach Pete Carroll cut to the chase.

“So what are you saying?” a jokingly serious Carroll asked Valero.

Replied Valero: “It’s going to be a great day!”

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