Opportunities to improve

As is tradition for the opening meeting of a camp, Coach Pete Carroll laid out his philosophies and mottos to his team.

And as is tradition, Carroll did it in uncontainable and enthusiastic fashion, filling the auditorium with a bubbly energy as the Seahawks got their first day of this weekend’s minicamp underway.

“Take every opportunity you get and make the absolute most of it and see how far you can take it,” Carroll told the players. “That’s competing. And you’re either competing or you’re not.”

Carroll listed out the various opportunities — meetings, walk-thrus, practices, workouts — that will add up to make each player and the team better. Virginia Mason Athletic Center, therefore, is a land of opportunity today through Sunday, and it’s already gotten started this morning. Following position meetings, a walk-thru is up at 11:30 a.m. and practice begins at 1:30 p.m.

“Nothing’s stopping us from having the best day ever,” Carroll said. “We control that. Let’s crank it up.”

Coach Pete Carroll addresses his players during a morning team meeting at VMAC, where this weekend’s three-day minicamp has gotten underway.

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