Becoming who they want to be

The pressure is on.

Coming off their first minicamp two weeks ago and their big haul in the draft last week, the Seahawks will take the field Friday to commence their mandatory rookie minicamp. But if you think they’ll be going through the motions, you might want to think again, as the three-day minicamp might be the most important time yet for the 2010 Seahawks.

“We need to have a huge minicamp,” Coach Pete Carroll told his assistants during an afternoon staff meeting today. “You thought the last one was big? This one really sets us in motion for the rest of the summer and into the season.

“This camp is enormous.”

This afternoon, Carroll and his assistants sat down for an hour-long meeting in the team’s Renton headquarters to cast a vision and lay out their goals for the pending minicamp so that they can become, as the head coach said, “the team we dream of having and the team we want to be associated with.”

The meeting also included the articulation of Carroll’s core philosophies and strategies for the mechanics of a football game — what the offense will do on various downs and distances and how the defense will react to certain scenarios, among others foundational principles.

“The better we know who we are, the better we’ll be,” Carroll told his staff. “The more we can embrace the thought of who we want to be, the faster we can become it.”

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