Quiet and calm in the draft room

You’ve seen the exclusive pictures and read the minute-by-minute accounts from the Seahawks draft room, but what’s it really like in there?

About as counterintuitive as you can imagine.

It’s far from a stock market atmosphere — papers flying and voices shouting — and close to a library setting, where the conversation is hushed, the mood is calm and the proceedings move along with amazing organization and precision. And even when the Seahawks are on the clock or getting close to a pick, the debate quietly sways amongst the team executives and scouts.

The tranquil environment allows for easy and clear communication, a key component of the team’s draft process designed by general manager John Schneider and Coach Pete Carroll. Besides the muted whispers and mumbled conversation, the only other significant noise in the draft room comes from occasional phone calls and a television on very low volume that airs NFL Network’s live coverage of the picks.

So if you thought the Seahawks draft room has been the scene of rowdy chaos during the last few days, think again. It’s been quite the opposite.

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