Technologically advanced

The wonders of technology are on full display in the Seahawks’ draft room this week.

Mounted along one wall of the draft room, huge flat-screen TVs show both the NFL Network and ESPN broadcasts of the draft, but the telecasts are on a 10-second delay. So the Seahawks information technology department has constructed a special draft tracker program that keeps an atomic clock-like accurate countdown ticker, the exact draft order and much more. The program is displayed on a third flat-screen TV, in between the two televisions showing the draft broadcasts.

A member of the scouting staff hunkered down in the draft room is also constantly on the phone with Thom Fermstad, the Seahawks’ representative in Radio City Music Hall this week. Fermstad passes along information regarding trades or picks roughly 15 seconds before the TV broadcasts air the news, giving the Seahawks draft room warriors a small but meaningful cushion as they fly through the proceedings.

Inside the Seahawks’ draft room, three TVs — two showing the ESPN and NFL Network broadcasts of the draft and the middle one displaying a specially developed draft tracker — give the executives real-time information during the draft.

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