Calm between the storms

Things will be much different – not to mention quieter – in the Seahawks’ draft room today.

Call it the calm between the storms.

After grabbing two starters with their two picks in the first round on Thursday night and before having six picks in rounds 4-7 on Saturday, the Seahawks have a lone pick in rounds 2-3 – which begin at 3 p.m.

“It’s going to be quiet,” coach Pete Carroll said. “Obviously because we don’t have the picks there, but the fireworks will really start popping on Day 3 for us.”

The Seahawks’ lone pick today is No. 60 overall in the second round. They originally had pick No. 40, but traded back with the San Diego Chargers as part of the deal to acquire quarterback Charlie Whitehurst. The Seahawks traded their third round pick (No. 70 overall) to the Philadelphia Eagles during the draft last year to move back into the third round so they could select wide receiver Deon Butler.

Saturday, the Seahawks have two picks each in the fourth (No. 104 and No. 127) and fifth (No. 133 and No. 139) round and one each in the sixth (No. 176) and seventh (No. 245) round.

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