A peek inside the War Room

Welcome to the War Room — the most sacred and secured place for a football organization.

Part science lab, part central command center and part bunker, the Seahawks’ draft headquarters has been the site of constant activity as the team prepares for the 2010 NFL Draft, which starts Thursday and carries on through Saturday. The 19-foot-by-22-foot carpeted room features floor-to-ceiling dry-erase boards that encircle the room and contain magnets, with all pertinent information, for every prospect available in this year’s draft. The boards also include the rosters and draft needs for the 31 other NFL teams.

Holding the organization’s sorted prospect rankings for each position group, the infamous big board takes up one entire 19-foot wall of the room and is kept behind a locked shutter whenever closed-door meetings are not in session.

Three rows of long desks fill the draft headquarters, with binders, books and scouting reports stacked everywhere. About 30 people can fit comfortably in the room where the Seahawks draft picks are prepared for and studied for months.

But as much as it’s a research lab, it’s also a home away from home for coaches and scouting personnel during the several weeks leading up to the draft.

Said Coach Pete Carroll: “We spend more time in there than anywhere else this time of year.”

The central command post for the Seahawks’ draft preparation and selections, the team’s War Room contains all the research and rankings for the upcoming NFL Draft, set for Thursday through Saturday. [Photo by Corky Trewin, Seahawks.com]

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