Rock the vote

Don’t look now, but we’ve got ourselves a real race in the second semifinal of the “tournament” to determine the best draft choice in Seahawks history.

As this is being typed, running back Shaun Alexander has the slimmest of leads over defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy – 52 percent to 48 percent; or 278 votes to 256. (Fill in your own wisecrack about “slimmest” and “Kennedy” being in the same sentence together).

It’s significant not only because the winner faces left tackle Walter Jones in the title matchup. It’s also the closest voting in an exercise where the percent of winning votes have been, in order, 61, 97, 80, 61, 85, 71, 79, 84, 93, 82, 69, 71 and 79.

So, regardless of which former first-round pick you favor – the most-decorated defensive player or most-productive running back in franchise history – he needs your vote.

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