How and why: A pick-by-pick breakdown

The NFL Draft begins in just three days, and the Seahawks’ menu of selections is a hodgepodge brought together by trades, compensatory picks and the usual allotment based on the previous season’s record. As of now, the organization has nine total draft picks, with four acquired via trade, four based on the team’s 2009 win-loss record and one received as a compensatory pick.

Check out the full list of picks and how the Seahawks acquired each one:

  • Round 1, Pick 6 (6) • Based on 2009 record
  • Round 1, Pick 14 (14) • Acquired in an April 2009 draft-day trade with the Broncos. The Seahawks traded their fifth pick in the second round of the 2009 draft for the Broncos’ 2010 first round pick.
  • Round 2, Pick 28 (60) • Acquired as part of the Charlie Whitehurst trade with the Chargers on March 17. The Seahawks traded their third round pick in 2011 and second round selection (No. 40 overall) in 2010 for Whitehurst and the Chargers’ second round pick this year (No. 60 overall).
  • Round 4, Pick 6 (104) • Based on 2009 record
  • Round 4, Pick 29 (127) • Acquired as part of a trade with the Eagles on March 16. The Seahawks traded defensive end Darryl Tapp to the Eagles for defensive end Chris Clemons and the Eagles’ fourth-round pick, which was originally acquired in a previous trade with the Jets.
  • Round 5, Pick 2 (133) • Acquired as part of a trade with the Lions on April 5. The Seahawks traded offensive lineman Rob Sims and their 2010 seventh-round pick (No. 213 overall) to the Lions for a fifth-round pick in 2010 and defensive end Robert Henderson.
  • Round 5, Pick 8 (139) • Based on 2009 record
  • Round 6, Pick 7 (176) • Based on 2009 record
  • Round 7, Pick 38 (245) • Acquired as a compensatory selection from the NFL on March 22, given for the net loss of certain quality unrestricted free agents last year.

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